visual presentation of the event with the 3 speakers




  • Camille Delbove, Lead Design System
  • Matthieu Vignolle, Design System Engineer
  • Yann Isabel (me), Design System Engineer

Location: Paris

Language: French

One year before this event my PayFit's coworker Sylvie NGuyen did the round table about the Design System Designer role. As a member of the Design System France community I was contacted by Marie-Aline Millot (Founder) to talk about my role as Design System Engineer.

The event was a round table with 2 other amazing people Camille Delbove from CNAV and Matthieu Vignolle from Doctolib and took place in Paris.

The purpose of this event was to highlight the role of a Design System Engineer and try to explain the day to day job. We talked about the collaboration inside the team, with other teams of the company, the different issues we can face and how we managed them.

I left PayFit just before the event but it was still relevant to talk about my experience.

The Talk

Unfortunately there was an issue with the recording so there is no replay of this event but here is a great picture of us.

Picture of us just before the event
From left to right: Marie Aline Millot, Matthieu Vignolle, Me, Camille Delbove