Sailing Loc’

Final year project for a fictive company

The project

Sailing Loc' is a fictive boat rental company in Dieppe (Normandy).

Their services are boat rental and boat licenses.

Client needs

The client wanted to be visible on the web to be able to make subscriptions and locations online anywhere in France.

They have 3 types of customers:

  • boats owners: They want to rent their boat to people safely.
  • boats tenants: They want to rent a boat to boat owners for a certain period.
  • boat license people: People who want to pass the boat license to be able to rent a boat on vacation or become boat owner.

So the company wanted to make relationship between the boats owners and boats tenants. The third type of customer was considered the one who will return when he will be owner or tenant.

The team to work with

From 2015 to 2016 I was in a Web Project Manager training near Paris. At the same time of the training there was a job in a company (I worked for Wengo).

In this training we learned a lot of things about web project management:

  • Knowledge of the web world
  • SEO / SEA / SEM / SMO
  • Project Managing
  • Web languages
  • Design and web accessibility
  • The Billing

I also wrote an article on Medium about this training, if you want to learn more about it.

This project is the final year project that we had to do in a group of 4 persons.

So in my group the three other persons had a marketing background but in different areas and me I was the only one who already knew how to code, how things work on the web, and how we can design something. So we shared a lot of knowledge during the year.

My coworkers took the role they prefer and I took the Design and development part. I've never been very good in marketing or billing things so it was perfect.

The first part was to make a market research before doing anything else and avoid working hard on something that already exists or something completely useless. We did some interviews, research on all competitors and start working on personas. It tooks us several months to complete this part.

After that we worked in our part of the project alone but we tried to share all the work regularly to make sure we were on the same page.

The proposition

Our proposition was a responsive wordpress website that can bring people together on the platform as a social media platform does. 2 types of subscribers, boats owners and boats tenants. They will be able to check boat rentals on their profiles and share messages if needed.

Each boat will have a profile page too with all informations needed. There will also be ratings and the possibility of adding a boat to favorite.

We also proposed to add a form to search a boat with ease and display a testimonial to show that Sailing Loc' is a trusted company.

For the boat license part it was less funny but we proposed a page with informations on every licenses and a contact form to subscribe or ask something.

The result

Here I only share the rental part. The license part with the sea border and all legal concerns was not funny at all and I think it was not our job to make sure the fictive company will follow the law.

All mockups are in french and designed by me on photoshop after creating wireframes on Balsamiq.

I share only the most interesting mockups in a desktop format otherwise it will be too long and also boring.

All pages had the same header with the company logo, a navigation menu and signup/signin buttons. At the bottom they all have a footer divided in 3 section: about us, "follow us", useful links like Insurances, blog, legal notice and so on.

All pages except Homepage and user profile pages contain a sidebar with a reservation form, different offers by Sailing loc' and partners advertisements.

All users can access any page expect profile pages.

The homepage

The homepage of Sailing Loc'
The homepage with an image as banner at the top of the page, a search form to find the right boat, a call to action for boat license, following by a section "How it works?" in 4 steps, the last boats rented, a testimonial and finally a partners banner with some logo.

The boat list

The boat list page of Sailing Loc'
The boat list is the page displayed after a research. The form at the top is more complete as the one on the hompage but it has the same purpose. Each card is a boat that corresponds to the research made. There are some important informations about each boat and a button to go to each profile.

The boat profile

The boat profile page of Sailing Loc'
The boat profile with an image of the boat as banner at the top of the page, at the bottom of the image a profile picture of the owner, his name, the address, the price, its rating. Followed by several sections: boat description, a map with the location, all features, boat pictures. At the bottom there is a section of comments and replies.

Favorite boats

The favorite boats tab on the profile page of Sailing Loc'
The favorite boats tab on the profile page show the list of all favorites added by the user. This tab is only available if the user is a tenant.

Signup modal

Sign up modal of Sailing Loc'
This modal opens on click on the signup button.

Signin modal

The favorite boats tab on the profile page of Sailing Loc'
This modal opens at any actions that requires a connection.

Did I make it?

To be honest I learned a lot of things about management and all jobs involved in the creation of a product but I didn't make it. My team and me had a speech to make separately in front of 4 judges (to make sure we all know our product).
Maybe the judges saw that I was not confident with the marketing part because they asked me everything on it and not on the design or development part. They offer me to go on catch-up classes but I refused. I was not there for the certification but to confirm my skills and preferences and also to work in the industry for 13 months and to make experience as developer.
All I know is I'm not interested in the marketing but now I know more about the work they're doing in this area.